What J-Plasma Can Do For You

By on June 2, 2019 under Plasma Lift, Renuvion

What J-Plasma Can Do For You

J-Plasma is one of the latest in effective skin tightening treatments. If you’re looking for non-surgical options to lift and smooth sagging and signs of aging without downtime, then J-Plasma is worth knowing about. Here’s what to know about this treatment and how it can rejuvenate your look.

What Can J-Plasma Do For My Skin?

J-Plasma is a non-invasive alternative to facelifts. It can be compared to the latest laser treatments with its results and quick recovery. This procedure is capable of erasing acne scars, crows feet, darker pigmentation, wrinkles, and other unwanted imperfections. All of these wonderful results can be almost instantaneous. The procedure only takes about 45 minutes. After one treatment session, you most likely will not need to get it again.

How Long is The Recovery Time?

The recovery time with J-Plasma is different for everyone else. The timeframe can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as several months. During your healing process, you may experience redness, irritation, peeling, and swelling.

Is J-Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Safe?

The J-Plasma skin rejuvenating procedure is not only safe but effective as well. Other facial tightening alternatives can be both painful and dangerous. J-Plasma is neither. J-Plasma uses ionized gas to retighten the skin. It has a long-standing history of great results.

The J-Plasma procedure uses the newest technological approach to anti-aging. Helium gas is ionized by using radiofrequency to make cold helium plasma. Although it can sound high-tech and dangerous, this technique can produce excellent skin rejuvenation.

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