Comparing UltraSlim and CoolSculpting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

By DLM Developer on May 26, 2023 under UltraSlim

Comparing UltraSlim and CoolSculpting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting used to hold the crown for the best non-surgical body contouring treatment, but UltraSlim is quickly making a name for itself. With less pain, quicker recovery, and fantastic results, you can rely on UltraSlim for amazing body-slimming results.

What is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim is an FDA-approved body contouring technology that non-invasively eliminates stubborn fat from the stomach, hips, and thighs. It is also approved for the treatment of benign pigmented or vascular lesions on both the face and body. When used to reduce fat (its main purpose), UltraSlim works by penetrating the adipose tissue with red light. This laser light is interpreted as a sign of starvation by the fat cells, causing the cell membranes to open up and release fat for energy conservation. This drainage of fatty acids is called lipolysis and it is a natural metabolic process.

Is UltraSlim Better than CoolSculpting?

At FacesFirst, we offer UltraSlim for safer treatments and greater patient results. These are a few of the main differences between UltraSlim and CoolSculpting and the benefits you can expect from UltraSlim.

No Downtime or Recovery

CoolSculpting treatment is often painful and causes bruising that can make strenuous exercise and movement uncomfortable for a few days. UltraSlim is completely painless and does not have any side effects so there is no recovery period necessary.

Immediate Results

While CoolSculpting results can take up to six months to develop, UltraSlim results are immediate or nearly immediate. Most patients see a significant reduction in fat and a slimmer waist area on the day of treatment and results will continue to build after each treatment. Usually 4-6 treatments are recommended for the best results.

Treatment Uses

UltraSlim covers a larger surface area while maintaining a highly effective treatment. CoolSculpting only removes about 25% or less of the fat cells in the treatment area. UltraSlim is proven to slim the treatment area by 3.5 inches during each treatment session! UltraSlim also has alternative treatment uses for the face and can be safely used to treat benign pigmented lesions.

Safer Technology

CoolSculpting uses extreme cold to trigger apoptosis or cell death of the treated fat cells. UltraSlim does not injure or kill fat cells. Instead, it uses lipolysis to drain them so that the fat contents can be safely flushed from the body. UltraSlim is categorized as Risk Group 1, the same category as a tongue depressor (the wooden stick used by your physician to hold the tongue down and look into the throat).

Schedule a Consultation

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation for UltraSlim in Denver and Lone Tree, CO! Our board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote will discuss the UltraSlim treatment in more detail to determine whether you are a candidate.