FacesFirst Introduces UltraSlim

By on December 19, 2017 under UltraSlim

FacesFirst Introduces UltraSlim

While a surgical procedure is great for removing stubborn fat, it also comes with anesthesia, downtime, and discomfort. Now you can remove stubborn fat cells for good with no needles or incisions necessary! FacesFirst now offers the FDA-cleared treatment with UltraSlim for a thinner you.

Who Should Choose UltraSlim?

Using red light technology, UltraSlim in Denver can eliminate areas of stubborn fat. When diet and exercise fail to give you a slimmer figure, you might choose UltraSlim to lose an average total of 3.5 inches off your figure! Other noninvasive procedures often take months to show results, but with UltraSlim, you can achieve results immediately. The process only takes about 30 minutes, so even those with the busiest schedules can fit in an UltraSlim treatment session and get right back to their normal routine.

How Does It Work?

During treatment with UltraSlim, red light is placed over areas of stubborn fat. The red light targets the fat cell nucleus, causing it to release fatty acids and triglycerides, becoming deflated. The targeted cells are then naturally eliminated through your lymphatic system and liver and are gone for good! Noticeable results can be seen after one session, but it is safe to have several spaced-out sessions to optimize results.

How to Get Started

Not everyone is a candidate for UltraSlim, so a consultation with your plastic surgeon is necessary before scheduling your treatment day. A plastic surgeon can examine your areas of concern and decide if UltraSlim is the best course of treatment for you and your needs. For more information on UltraSlim or to schedule your consultation with an UltraSlim specialist, contact our office today!