ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth

What is ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth?

ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth is a nonsurgical treatment option for those who wish to improve hair growth in individuals with thinning hair. This treatment is safe for all skin types, and is a great natural alternative to other hair growth treatment options.

Who is a Good Candidate for ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth?

Almost anyone who wishes to treat their thinning hair can benefit from ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth treatments. However, those who have any type of infections in the treatment area should wait until it is cleared up to undergo microneedling.

What to Expect During a ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth Treatment

During treatment, small micro-needles are used to create micro-channels in the skin on the scalp. One pass using the ProCell system creates hundreds of thousands of micro-channels, which stimulates the body’s natural healing process. This healing process stimulates the production of growth factors, which, over time, creates healthier, thicker, and shinier hair. We also use a serum packed with growth factors to help further improve results. Most patients can tolerate superficial treatments without topical anesthetic, however, it can be applied if requested.

The ProCell system offers benefits over other microneedling options, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Clean, consistent micro-channels
  • Reduces damage to tissue
  • Less downtime

While some patients see results after just one treatment, many individuals require a series of treatments to see best results. This can be discussed with our team during your consultation appointment. One treatment session lasts about 60 minutes.

Results and Downtime

There is no downtime needed following a ProCell Microneedling for Hair Regrowth treatment. Following a traditional treatment, patients may experience mild redness, which usually resolves within an hour or two. Patients who undergo more aggressive treatments will have a longer recovery period.

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