The Benefits of Bellafill®

By on February 14, 2018 under Bellafill

The Benefits of Bellafill®

Years of smiling can weaken your skin and result in lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Dermal fillers continue to be the popular solution to smoothing facial lines and wrinkles, with many different brands and formulas continuing to enter the market. While it’s great to have options, this can make it difficult to choose which one is best for you. Bellafill in Denver is one dermal filler that stands out from the rest that you may want to consider, and here’s why!

Instant Volume

The Bellafill formula uses tiny microspheres in a clear, collagen gel. The formula can literally fill in those bothersome smile lines, smoothing their appearance. The results are immediate while still natural looking! But, smile lines aren’t the only thing Bellafill can fill in. If you suffer from pits of scarring due to past acne breakouts, Bellafill can add instant volume to these areas too! It’s the only FDA-approved filler to provide long-term acne scar improvement.

Bellafill Long-Term Collagen Growth

Not only does Bellafill add instant volume to your smile lines or blemishes, the formula keeps working to stimulate your body’s own collagen growth. Collagen is the building block for strong, healthy-looking skin. So as your body creates more, you will begin to notice more improvements with reduced wrinkles and added volume.

Bellafill Lasting Results

The biggest downside to fillers is their short lifespan. Eventually, the gel safely dissolves, reversing their results or requiring a touch-up session within a year. With Bellafill, you can enjoy improved smile lines for five years or longer! As the longest lasting dermal filler, Bellafill can save you time and money on touch up sessions to maintain your look.

For instant and natural looking results that last, consider treatment with Bellafill! To learn more or to schedule your consultation at FacesFirst Cosmetic Surgery, contact our office today.