At FacesFirst, we specialize in facial plastic surgery in Denver – both Dr. Nicolette Picerno and Dr. Christopher Cote are double-board certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeons. They have professionally dedicated themselves to facial treatment, giving patients the time and attention of a doctor, along with the expert care of a specialist. Patients also have a choice in their care provider with one male and one female plastic surgeon. Our team is highly-educated, experienced, and well informed on new procedures within the plastic surgery field, giving patients the care they need for life-changing confidence. Contact us today to request a consultation.


From the “Weekend Facelift” with minimal downtime to full facelifts that can treat your entire facial region, including the neck, FacesFirst offers options for your needs and lifestyle. Click to learn more about facelifts and neck lifts in Denver >>


Youthful brow frames the eye and can significantly improve the openness and the inviting impression of your face. A browlift is performed to lift and shape the eyelid and eyebrow, treating hooded eyebrows that leave the eyes tired-looking and less vibrant. There are several variations of the browlift, including the mini browlift, endoscopic browlift, and the direct lift. Click to learn more about browlift in Denver >>


Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is the surgical procedure that allows us to change the form or function of your nose. This operation is designed to improve the aesthetic shape of the nose. Click to learn more about rhinoplasty in Denver >>

Revision Rhinoplasty

A revision rhinoplasty is a procedure done to correct the aesthetic or functional problems that may have occurred due to a previous rhinoplasty. Click to learn more about revision rhinoplasty in Denver >>

Cheek & Chin Implants

Cheek and chin implants can help to accentuate the bone structure of your face by emphasizing certain parts of the face. Certain fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvéderm®, can help to enhance your facial appearance as well. Click to learn more about cheek & chin implants in Denver >>

Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of your eyes involves many considerations. There are your eyebrows, upper eyelids, and lower eyelids, and within each area, there may be three things we need to consider when choosing a treatment: laxity, volume, and your skin. We have both surgical and non-surgical options for you to consider. Click to learn more about eyelid rejuvenation in Denver >>

Submental Lipectomy / Neck Lift

Saggy jowls, fat under the chin or visible bands in the neck present obvious signs of aging. Reduce the signs of aging and create a naturally youthful look through a necklift, which has completely hidden sites of surgery. Click to learn more about neck lifts in Denver >>

Otoplasty / Ear Pinning

Otoplasty is a procedure that reduces the size of your ears and repositions them so they are in better proportion to your head. Click here to learn more about Otoplasty in Denver >>

Laser Resurfacing / MiXto

If your complexion is appearing dull, bumpy from acne scars, or you desire an overall skin rejuvenation treatment, laser resurfacing or our MiXto technology could be right for you. Click here to learn more about Laser Resurfacing in Denver >>

Micro / Nano Fat Transfer

Micro or Nano fat transfer utilizes your unwanted fat that is then purified to reinject into facial areas that need it the most. The most common areas are the cheeks, lips and more. FacesFirst focuses on naturally beautiful, replenishing results. Click here to learn more about Micro / Nano Fat Transfer in Denver >>

Facial Liposculpture

Facial Lipo-sculpture is a fat transfer technique that removes your own fat from a remote place in the body and transfers it to the face to restore your natural beauty. The procedure is a natural alternative to the other volume fillers that we offer in our practice and many people are attracted to the idea of using their own tissue to achieve great volume results. Click here to learn more about facial liposculpture in Denver >>

Mole Removal

If you have an unwanted or unsightly mole, whether it is medically necessary or a desired aesthetic appearance, FacesFirst can help you treat your cosmetic needs. Learn more about mole removal in Denver >>

Scar Revision

Scars aren’t a cosmetic characteristic that has to stay permanently apparent. With our scar revision treatment options, FacesFirst can help you improve your unsightly scarring. Learn more about scar revision in Denver >>

Harmony XL Pro

Many of us are self-conscious about skin imperfections. Over time, sun exposure and the effects of aging become more and more visible. Learn more about Harmony XL PRO in Denver >>

Lip Lift

This simple procedure is designed to create elevated, plump, and youthful lips. A lip lift is an outpatient surgical procedure, and our patients often choose it as a longer-lasting alternative to lip fillers, and results in natural-looking, full lips. Click to learn more about lip lift in Denver >>

Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno are board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado. They have over 40 years of combined experience together in facial plastic surgery. Both Dr. Cote and Dr. Picerno specialize in procedures like Facelift, Browlift, Facial Rejuvenation, Nose Surgery, and many other types of cosmetic procedures at FacesFirst.

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