Many babies are born each year with irregularly shaped ears or other ear deformities. While this can be upsetting to discover as a new parent, there’s no need to panic, as non-surgical ear molding treatments are often able to restore a normal ear shape in as little as six weeks of treatment.

What is EarWell™?

EarWell™ Infant Ear Deformity Correction System is an ear molding treatment for newborn infants with mild ear deformities that lead to cosmetic and possibly functional problems. The device consists of a posterior shell, soft rubber retractors to help shape the ear, a former for the bowl of the ear, and a soft rubber lid that helps to hold the components in place. This cradle is placed around the child’s ear to gently pull the various structures of the ear into a normal position over the course of treatment. EarWell works well because, early on, infants’ ears are soft and malleable and they’re able to be repositioned up to 3 to 5 months after birth.

EarWell™ is a safe and effective way to treat misshapen ears under the care of an expert in facial and ear anatomy like Dr. Cote. In many cases, EarWell prevents the need for ear surgery later in life, although there may be complications down the line that can’t be predicted until the ears are fully developed. Dr. Cote reports that there is about a 90% effectiveness rate with EarWell with very highly satisfying results.

How Do I Know if My Baby Needs Ear Reshaping?

The physical appearance of an ear deformity is usually enough to warrant interest in ear molding treatments. Up to a third of all births include some ear deformity, a purely cosmetic concern, or malformation, which occurs when tissue or cartilage is missing. In some cases, the mildest deformities can disappear on their own, but it’s still possible you can benefit from pursuing this procedure.

Even if you’re not sure if the appearance of your baby’s ears makes them eligible for EarWell, a consultation with Dr. Cote should be the first step toward treatment, as he can diagnose any problems and let you know whether you’re eligible for this procedure.

It’s important not to trust infant ear repositioning to anyone besides a trained EarWell physician like Dr. Cote. Negative side effects, such as continued ear deformity, ear irritation, or rash.

Who Can Get EarWell™

EarWell™ is for babies under 5 months old (the younger, the better) who have mild ear deformities and fully developed ears. Deformities such as prominent ears, ear cupping, abnormal cartilage folding, ear helical rim issues, and “buried ear” can be solved by EarWell. Issues such as microtia (“little ear”) that result in underdeveloped ears both externally and internally will likely need to be solved with corrective surgery, which Dr. Cote can also address during a consultation.

What to Expect From EarWell™

In short, expect to see a normal-looking, healthy ear or ears by the end of treatment. After initially installing the EarWell device around your baby’s ears, Dr. Cote will send you home to continue normal care for your child. Once a week, you’ll come in for a quick appointment during which Dr. Cote will adjust the device to gradually move the ears into a more normal position. A typical treatment takes 6 weeks and provides parents with peace of mind knowing their child will grow into normal-looking ears free of deformities.

If your baby’s EarWell falls off, we can replace the device in the office. It is important to let us know as soon as possible if the device becomes loose to ensure the best results. Although it can’t be guaranteed, increasingly more health insurers are covering some or all of the cost for EarWell, depending on the circumstances and diagnosis.

Recovery From EarWell™

As a non-surgical procedure, there’s no downtime or recovery time necessary after EarWell. The risks of side effects include irritation in the area the device is applied to, low-grade infections, and the potential need for correction later in life.

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