Do you have extra fullness under your chin and neck? While this is often due to hereditary deposits of adipose (fatty) tissue in the submental area, Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote are specifically trained to enhance the neck and face region. They have the experience and expertise that sets them apart and provides patients with that extra boost of confidence – in their treatment, and of course, in their results.

Learn how a submental lipectomy or neck lift can help you to regain self-confidence and make you feel good about the way you look. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors by calling 303-744-2300. You will be showing off your neck with flattering clothing and fun jewelry in no time.

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Submental Lipectomy

Depending on the bone structure in your neck, the results of submental lipectomy can often be quite substantial, and can dramatically postpone the need for facelift surgery. This procedure works best on young to middle-aged individuals who have good skin tone. Without good skin tone, the fatty tissue would be removed, but the skin tightening that occurs secondary to undermining tissues would not take place. A submental lipectomy only removes excess fatty tissue and relies upon the skin’s ability to tighten itself. It is not a replacement for a facelift or a necklift. However, dramatic results can be obtained with a minimal amount of discomfort and recovery time for appropriate individuals. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in less than an hour in our Denver or Lone Tree offices. Recovery is just about 3-5 days. Combining submental lipectomy with a chin implant can result in superior, long lasting results.

Neck Lift

The neck lift uses an incision under the chin and sometimes in the nape of the neck through which the skin is brought up to reverse signs of aging like saggy jowls, fat under the chin, or visible bands in the neck. As we age, the edges of the neck muscles separate and fall, creating the visible bands. While the neck lift is not a replacement for the facelift, in many cases, 80% of the improvement that a facelift would provide to this area can be achieved with a neck lift. Benefits of a neck lift include less visible external incisions and less healing time. A neck lift is especially beneficial in men who want to avoid the telltale incision in front of the ear that is necessary in a male facelift, yet are concerned over laxity of tissue in the neck area. Differing from a facelift, the neck lift removes fatty tissue, re-supports muscles, and removes some skin below the chin and in the neck area. A facelift removes fatty tissue, re-supports muscles, and removes excess skin in the neck, cheek, jowl, and lateral temporal areas. Please consider that a neck lift does require twilight or general anesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the neck and jaw. This creates a more youthful-looking and defined neck.

Whats involved in a neck lift?

During a neck lift, the underlying tissue in the neck is repositioned, and the muscle may be tightened. The skin is then redraped to create a tighter, smoother appearance.

How long does it take to recover from a neck lift?

Neck lift recovery typically takes about two weeks. After resting for two weeks following the procedure, most patients can return to work or other activities, although some bruising, swelling, and tightness will likely remain.

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