Brow Lift Benefits You May Not Know


If you’ve got concerns about the wrinkles or the appearance of the skin on your face, especially around your eyes, you might be looking into facial plastic surgery. There are several procedures we provide at FacesFirst that can help turn back the clock on your appearance without making you look “worked-on,” but a brow lift


Why Would You Need Revision Rhinoplasty?

Although a nose surgery is often a successful and satisfying procedure, no matter if you’re undergoing it for cosmetic or medical reasons, not everyone is happy with the results. Nationwide, at least 5% of rhinoplasty procedures leave people feeling dissatisfied once they’ve fully healed. Because of this, revision rhinoplasty is a big part of what


Benefits of a Forehead Lift


When it comes to making expressions, your whole face matters. However, certain parts of your face contribute more to expressing certain emotions like surprise, curiosity, and concern. When it comes to these expressions, your forehead and eyebrows convey subtlety and intensity and also contribute to the appearance of aging early on in life. If you’re


Who Can Benefit Most From UltraSlim?


Did you know there’s a way to instantly reduce your waist size or other problem areas by up to an inch without any downtime or incisions? This is the power of UltraSlim, an LED light therapy that targets fat cells and can help rejuvenate the skin with anti-inflammatory benefits in just a few short treatments.


Types of Rhinoplasty


There’s no such thing as an ideal nose job. The reality is there’s an ideal nose job for each unique person who wants one. To that end, there are several types of rhinoplasty procedures that can redefine the nose and give a person the shape and proportion they desire. What is Rhinoplasty? A rhinoplasty is


Get Your Ideal Jawline, With Or Without Surgery


One of the hallmarks of beauty is a youthful, well-defined jawline that is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain as the aging process causes skin to sag and volume loss to take hold. When you see the youthfulness fading from your jawline, the board-certified surgeons at FacesFirst are here to help, not necessarily requiring a