Get Your Ideal Jawline, With Or Without Surgery


One of the hallmarks of beauty is a youthful, well-defined jawline that is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain as the aging process causes skin to sag and volume loss to take hold. When you see the youthfulness fading from your jawline, the board-certified surgeons at FacesFirst are here to help, not necessarily requiring a


Facial Liposuction vs. Facial Liposculpture

With the advent of technologies like FaceTite, facial liposuction has become a popular, minimally invasive way of re-contouring the face without having to undergo the more expensive facelift procedure. However, these aren’t the only options people have when considering facial rejuvenation through cosmetic surgery, as facial liposculpture, a fat transfer procedure, can have similar and


What Is The Difference Between Lip Lift And Lip Fillers?

The fixation on creating full, plump, and well-defined lips has never been stronger, with influencer culture idealizing naturally enhanced lips as the standard for people wanting to look their best. While a great deal of attention is focused on dermal filler injections to create these ideals, the options for lip enhancement are many, and some


Types Of Baby Ear Deformities And Malformations

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If you’ve just given birth, you’re spending constant time with your newborn, drinking in all their little features and dreaming about how they’ll look when they’re older. A common concern some parents have is about the shape of their baby’s ear or ears, where they don’t look quite “normal” or look underdeveloped. The truth is,


Aging Signs That Can Be Solved With A Facelift


People all over the country have experienced waking up one day and suddenly realizing the face staring back at them in the mirror simply doesn’t reflect how they feel inside. Or perhaps a certain photo catches their eye as they notice aging signs they hadn’t seen before. Regardless of how it happens, the realization that


EarWell or Otoplasty? Which is Right for My Child?

EarWell Vs Otoplasty

As a parent, you are constantly concerned about the health, safety, and wellbeing of your child or children at all times. And this concern is never more intense than after giving birth, especially when things aren’t perfectly normal. You’ll notice every aspect of your newborn’s features, including their little ears, and wonder if they’ll grow