What is Preservation Rhinoplasty and is it Better?

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on December 5, 2023 under Rhinoplasty

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty and is it Better?

With the prevalence of plastic surgery today, you have most likely heard of rhinoplasty, also sometimes called a “nose job”. This procedure is performed to enhance overall facial harmony by altering the proportions of the nose. There is an array of different techniques that surgeons can use to perform a rhinoplasty, one of which is called preservation rhinoplasty. Read on to learn more about this alternative technique and how it differs from traditional rhinoplasty methods.

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty is a surgical technique in which the nasal structures are preserved as much as possible during rhinoplasty while still achieving the desired cosmetic and functional outcomes. The main goal is to preserve the bridge of the nose during the procedure to improve a dorsal hump or crookedness.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Techniques

Preservation rhinoplasty does not disrupt the outside of the nasal bridge. Instead, all work is performed on the inside of this structure. To better understand this technique, we can liken the nose to a house. We can equate the goal of removing a hump from the bridge of a nose to making the house shorter. Let’s say the bridge of the nose is the peak of the roof of the house. Instead of cutting the roof off completely, the surgeon is going to simply remove the first floor to make the house shorter. This way, the roof is not disrupted, but the goal of making the house shorter is still achieved.

Like traditional rhinoplasty, this procedure can be performed as an open or closed procedure, depending on the patient’s individual aesthetic goals.

Achieving the Best Possible Results

Always choose a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for the best possible rhinoplasty results. Dr. Cote is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon dedicated to meeting each of their patient’s facial needs. He specializes in aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty, among other facial procedures.

Furthermore, he has also taught about rhinoplasty procedures and trained surgical residents at Johns Hopkins University, the Army’s Walter Reed Medical Center, and the Navy’s Bethesda National Naval Medical Center, and currently teaches plastic surgery residents at the University of Colorado Plastic Surgery.  This experience allows him to handle the most complex cases with ease and create the most beautiful results.

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Overall, preservation rhinoplasty is an alternative to other rhinoplasty techniques. However, structural rhinoplasty is still considered the gold standard for rhinoplasty surgery. If you are interested in learning more about preservation rhinoplasty or are considering which type of rhinoplasty is right for you, be sure to speak to your plastic surgeon regarding your thoughts. He or she will help to determine the best technique for you and your individual aesthetic goals.

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