The lips are one of the most important facial features, with many cosmetic practices focusing on the lips to create an improved, youthful appearance. The lips start to show visible signs of aging much faster than other parts of the face. Our lips start to attain wrinkles and lines making them appear aged. Have you looked at your lips recently? Do they always seem to be turned downwards or have fallen from their plump condition? These concerns can be improved with a surgical Lip Lift.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift procedure is an in-office procedure designed to elevate a thin or downturned mouth. This is a simple procedure that can give you amazing results. Lips can start to look permanently downturned or even fallen away from the nose with excess skin due to loss of volume in the skin. By getting a lip lift procedure you can have fuller looking, elevated lips. Lip lift is an innovative procedure designed to improve the overall appearance of your mouth and rejuvenate lips that have been affected by the aging process. For most people, the goal of a cosmetic procedure is to create a natural and youthful look. Lip lift procedures are an excellent way to improve the lips and create a natural appearance.

Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote are experts in the field of facial cosmetic surgery. We want you to be able to smile confidently. With this minimally invasive procedure, since it is relatively straight-forward, there is very minimal scarring and downtime. The two Doctors have over 30 years of combined experience so you can trust that your surgeons at FacesFirst will provide you with natural-looking, lasting results.


Before and After

A lip lift is commonly known for its ability to plump thin lips, but it can also be used to improve signs of aging and a downturned mouth. A lip lift can transform your smile and enhance the overall look of your lower face.


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from our patients

I saw Dr Picerno for my lip filler and Botox!!! She was amazing!! She helped keep me calm the entire time, as I was a little nervous! And it honestly wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be! She also corrected my upper lip where one side was higher than the other from a previous place I went! now it’s completely even! The whole staff was great!!

-Autumn Margeaux

Dr Picerno (& Kerry) have been helping me look younger for a long time. They are excellent at keeping the years at bay and they care about their patients. I highly recommend using them if you want to turn back the clock.

-Linda Jacobsen

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Choosing the Lip Lift Treatment

Dr. Picerno and Dr. Cote can determine if a lip lift would benefit you during a consultation appointment. To create a treatment plan they will look at the 3-Ds of your face. The 3-D’s help them address the different changes in the face to create the most balanced look. These 3-D’s are:

  • Dermal: Skin changes that occur due to loss of collagen and elastin, as well as sun damage or movement.
  • Deflation: Lost volume that occurs in the face, causing the lips to lose definition.
  • Descent: These are changes in the skin which cause the skin to sag. This is most relative to the Lip Lift since many lips start to become longer over time, causing the top lip to gradually move further away from the bottom of the nose.

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Answering Your Questions About Lip Lifts


Lip Lift Recovery

Lip lift surgery is done under local anesthesia in the office and only takes about an hour to complete. The recovery time for a lip lift is fairly quick, only taking about a week. While the incision is healing, you are free to apply makeup to the area to cover it. Your Doctor will provide you with a list of instructions to ensure that the healing process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does lip lift take to heal?

There is a small incision on your lip that takes time to heal like any wound on the face. If it is meticulously closed and your healing process goes well it may be a little pink for a few weeks and imperceptible within a month or two. Certainly how your body heals a scar may affect the results and that will have to be assessed at a consultation.

How does a lip lift work?

There is a small incision on your lip that allows a portion of the skin to be removed and the lip lifted. This treats an elongated saggy lip that occurs as we get older. It also increases the amount of lip show and creates a more natural look than an over done filler. When the incision is closed carefully and there is good healing it creates a nice natural look.

Does lip lift make lips bigger?

Since a little lift pulls the upper skin up it creates more show of the red part of the lip and this is usually natural and more desirable look to the lip.

Do lip lifts look natural?

A well executed lip lift can create a very natural look and rejuvenate the lips. More often people make the mistake of injecting too much filler in an upper lip and it looks unnatural. This is because the lengthened and saggy lip was not addressed and when I lift lift is done it can create a nice natural lift and can be complemented by the appropriate amount of filler.

Is a lip lift painful?

A lip lift can be done comfortably in the office with local anesthetic. This can be gently administered and complemented with other gentle anesthetic agents that your surgeon feels are safe and reasonable to use.

What is the most attractive lip shape?

An attractive lip shape will include natural full red Vermillion of the upper and lower lip with the lower lip being slightly larger in volume. In addition, the Vermilion border between the red part of lip in the skin is well defined with a nice natural cupids bow in the philtrum of the midline upper lip. The skin around the lip should also look healthy, smooth and plump. There should be some show to the teeth, revealing a nice smile. A lip lift can help create this natural lift with a beautiful dental smile. The lip lift also increases the amount of red vermilion show of the upper lip without adding unnecessary volume with the filler.

Does a lip lift Change your nose?

A lip lift should not change your nose. However, since the length of the lip is shortened, then the natural proportions of the lip relative to the nearby nose will change and usually in a more acceptable way with nice natural results.

Does a lip lift limit the movement of my mouth?

A lip lift will not limit the movement of your mouth. You will still be able to speak, drink from a straw, and use facial expressions like you normally do.

Does a lip lift change my smile?

A lip lift establishes a more youthful appearance to the mouth area. This can include changing your smile slightly. In most cases a lip lift causes more of your upper tooth to show when you smile.

How many times can you get a lip lift?

A lip lift is a permanent procedure meaning most people will only need to have it done once in their lives. In some cases, a touch-up procedure may be necessary as you continue to age.

Are there different types of lip lifts?

There are several different types of lip lift procedures. These can include a subnasal, central, corner, direct, Italian, or V to Y lip lift. The chosen style of lip lift will depend on your current condition and your cosmetic goals.

Does a lip lift affect the bottom lip?

An upper lip lift will not affect the bottom lip. some people will choose a lower lip filler to balance the effects of the lip lift to the upper lip.

Nicolette Picerno, M.D.

Dr. Nicolette Picerno is a double-board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. She received her medical degree from Hahnemann University, School of Medicine in Philadelphia, and completed her fellowship for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Beeson Aesthetic Surgery Institute in Carmel, IN. She also completed the Cenegenics Physician Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine program in 2012 and became a certified BioTE provider in 2014. When not in the office, Dr. Picerno enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, skiing, playing tennis, and running her doggie daycare with her husband.

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