When we sustain a wound, our body heals and forms a scar. Scars are unavoidable aspects of surgery or injury, and poor healing may cause scars to be unsightly. When this occurs, scar revision can help to improve the scar’s appearance.

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision surgery can minimize the appearance of a scar so that it blends more evenly with the surrounding skin. While scar revision can help to improve the aesthetic appearance of a scar, it cannot eliminate the appearance of the scar completely.

How Does Scar Revision Work?

Scar revision can be achieved using many methods, including topical treatments, injectable treatments, and surface treatments. The type of cosmetic treatment used will depend on the severity of the scar, the type of scar, and the size and location of the scar.

Topical Treatments

Treatments such as gels, external compressions, or tapes can be used to help to treat surface scars and discoloration. Topical treatments can also help scars to heal properly after scar revision procedures.

Injectable Treatments

Depressed or concave scars can be corrected with dermal fillers. Depending on the type of injectable used, results can last anywhere from three months to several years. Steroid injections can also be used to reduce the formation of collagen and can, therefore, change the size and texture of scars tissue.

Surface Treatments

Surface treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser or light therapy, and skin bleaching agents can help to improve the cosmetic appearance of scars.

Layered Closure

In some cases, old scars can be removed surgically to improve the appearance. Layered closure is a technique that is used where an excision needs to be created below the skin’s surface. Absorbable sutures will be made below the skin in layers until the surface would is completely closed.

Scar Revision Results

Results from scar revision are long-lasting. Final results may take several months to become apparent as the scar heals and fades.

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