4 Facts About Male Facelift You Didn’t Know

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on February 12, 2024 under Facelift

4 Facts About Male Facelift You Didn’t Know


Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you, and how you appear can make an impact on both your self-esteem and other facets of your life. A facelift is a popular surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging on the face and neck. While many people may think of this procedure as being for women, men can also greatly benefit. Whether you are a male who is bothered by signs of aging that make you look older than you feel or are looking for a more youthful appearance overall, a facelift may be right for you. Read on to learn some interesting facts about male facelifts.

Male facelifts are actually more common than you may think! According to the Aesthetic Society’s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics, plastic surgery surged in 2021. Surgical procedures increased by 54%. Men, aged 36-50, comprised 40% of male patients who underwent a surgical procedure, with 5,061 males undergoing a facelift in 2021.

Men Have Different Facelift Goals

When it comes to facelifts, men and women have very different goals. For men, this often involves sharpening the jawline, eliminating a double chin, and achieving a refreshed appearance while still appearing masculine or “attractively rugged”. Women tend to focus more on eliminating lax skin on the neck and jowls for a sleeker, slimmer profile.

Male Skin Needs to be Treated Differently

One fact most people don’t know is that men’s skin is actually thicker than women’s skin. On average, males have 20% thicker skin than females. It also contains more collagen and generally has a tighter, firmer appearance. Also, the collagen content in male skin reduces at a constant rate, while female skin is affected later in life, specifically after menopause. Because of this, your surgeon may recommend a deep plane approach for male facelifts, as well as employ different skin closure techniques to minimize scarring.

Male Facelift Required Precise Incision Placement

Because men tend to have shorter hairstyles, incision placement is important for the outcome of male facelift procedures. Scar placement is generally located higher up behind the ear for men with shorter hair. Surgeons can also alter incision placement to prevent any loss of hair or alteration of sideburns.

Male Facelift Recovery and Downtime

Following male facelift surgery, there is about two weeks of downtime. Most patients can return to work meetings and social activities within two weeks. However, heavy exercising running, and golfing should be postponed for 2-4 weeks.  For a smooth recovery, be sure to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

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