Aging Signs That Can Be Solved With A Facelift

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on January 25, 2022 under Facelift

Aging Signs That Can Be Solved With A Facelift

People all over the country have experienced waking up one day and suddenly realizing the face staring back at them in the mirror simply doesn’t reflect how they feel inside. Or perhaps a certain photo catches their eye as they notice aging signs they hadn’t seen before. Regardless of how it happens, the realization that your face looks older than you would like can be hard to reckon with.

Fortunately, modern-day plastic surgery techniques are highly capable of reversing or helping to prevent the most common and frustrating signs of aging, to help you appear your natural best for years to come.

Common Aging Signs

Everyone ages differently based on genetics, unprotected sun exposure, and other lifestyle factors, but there are many common experiences of specific wrinkles or other changes that make people consider having a facelift.

Frequently, the aging process first appears around the lower face and neck. Concerns like loose skin around the collarbone or in the neck, neck banding, and jowls are all reasons people consult with a plastic surgeon to see if they can be treated. Common wrinkles that appear with age include nasolabial fold (the lines running from the nose to the corners of the mouth) as well as perioral lines, or smoker’s lines, around the lips. People’s natural features, such as having a small or non-prominent chin, can emphasize aging changes and make them appear more severe at a younger age.

How a Facelift and Other Procedures Help

There are many facial rejuvenation procedures FacesFirst provides given someone’s specific concerns and condition, although the most popular procedure is a facelift. Facelifts address the common lower face concerns, including jowls, nasolabial folds, and some neck concerns. Facelifts are not used to eliminate wrinkles in the upper face like the forehead or eyebrow, but it can be combined with a brow lift or eyelid lift if desired. Facelifts can also not address smoker’s lines around the mouth.

Neck lifts are also a good way to restore a firmer, more smooth appearance to the neck and collarbone, reducing banding or eliminating excess skin. Neck lifts are commonly combined with facelifts, although different people have different preferences and priorities when it comes to their unique concerns, and may put off undergoing one surgery until the conditions worsen or they have more freedom to take time off to recover.

When is the Best Time to Get a Facelift?

There’s no hard answer to when the best time to get a facelift or other cosmetic surgery is. We see patients as young as in their 40s who see the first few signs of aging emerging and who want to keep looking as young as they do now, as well as people much older who want to undo some of the aging and look younger than they do now. There’s no wrong way to do it according to your preferences, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons.

In general, a facelift can take seven to 10 years off your appearance and is long-lasting in its effects. Keep this information in mind when deciding if you should undergo surgery now or in the future.

Take Years Off Your Appearance With A Facelift in Denver

Whether you’ve been concerned for a while about the emergence of certain aging signs or have just noticed your first upsetting wrinkles, a facelift is a highly versatile and effective way to turn back the clock. Find out more about what you can expect from a surgical facelift by scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons today. Call or contact us online to set up your appointment.