Brow Lift Benefits You May Not Know

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on September 15, 2022 under Browlift

Brow Lift Benefits You May Not Know

If you’ve got concerns about the wrinkles or the appearance of the skin on your face, especially around your eyes, you might be looking into facial plastic surgery. There are several procedures we provide at FacesFirst that can help turn back the clock on your appearance without making you look “worked-on,” but a brow lift is one of the often unexpected procedures that satisfies our patients the most. Here are the benefits many patients might not realize when it comes to brow lift surgery.

The Brow Affects Your Whole Complexion

Although the name might be misleading, it’s important to realize that a brow lift doesn’t just affect the brow, but also the whole area of the upper face. The brows are important distinguishing features of the face but can age in a way that sets up your overall appearance. For example, just a few wrinkles between the eyebrows might make you appear more angry than you actually are. In this way, a brow lift can eliminate this perception, tighten the skin, and rejuvenate your complexion.

A Brow Lift Enhances the Eyebrows

One of the reasons people seek out brow lifts are to enhance the contour of their brows, which is a primary benefit of the brow lift in general. However, people may not realize their brows have an unflattering contour, shape, or “heaviness” to them. During a consultation, our facial plastic surgeons identify the areas of your face that are contributing to an unsatisfying appearance and might recommend a brow lift to target specific problem areas that are leading to your concerns.

For example, if you recognize or others tell you that you appear tired or sad when your facial muscles are at rest, you might be a great candidate for a brow lift, as opposed to more extensive facial surgery.

Brow Lifts Help the Eyes

One thing many people pay attention to as they age are how open, alert, or bright their eyes appear. Depending on your genetics and how your facial tissues are aging, the eyes can become hooded, heavy, and have lax tissue that might even make it hard to see. For most people with these concerns, they seek eyelid surgery, which can be helpful in many cases. However, people may not realize that brow lift surgery is either a great complement or better alternative in some cases.

If your symptoms are mainly with the upper eyelids or darkened, hollow-set eyes, an eyelid lift might not be appropriate. Instead, a brow lift can lift the heaviness of the skin that sags from the eyebrow region that’s causing the darkened eyes or vision blurring. In some cases like this, an eyelid lift on its own might even make things worse, because eliminating skin or other tissue from below the brow might make it sag even more.

Brow Lift Surgery Smooths out the Forehead

Many people seeking plastic surgery of their face in Denver have concerns with wrinkles forming around the eyes, skin laxity in their upper face, and forehead wrinkles. What they may not know is that a brow lift is also sometimes referred to as a forehead lift due to the benefits it has with horizontal wrinkles and the forehead muscles that might be causing other concerns people have been treating with Botox, for example.

With a brow lift (forehead lift), you can eliminate forehead wrinkles of nearly any kind with incisions that are hidden within the hairline. In addition, most people will further benefit from needing less or fewer Botox injections for treatable concerns like frown lines between the brows.

Personalized Facial Surgery in Denver, CO

If you’ve got concerns about your complexion or the wrinkles you are seeing getting deeper or more severe, FacesFirst is here to help. With a custom treatment plan that may or may not include a brow lift, we can help turn back the clock on your appearance. Call us or contact our team online today to schedule your consultation.