Get Your Ideal Jawline, With Or Without Surgery

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on April 14, 2022 under Plastic Surgery

Get Your Ideal Jawline, With Or Without Surgery

One of the hallmarks of beauty is a youthful, well-defined jawline that is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain as the aging process causes skin to sag and volume loss to take hold. When you see the youthfulness fading from your jawline, the board-certified surgeons at FacesFirst are here to help, not necessarily requiring a full surgery to obtain your ideal jawline.

What is the Ideal Jawline?

Although everyone has their own unique beauty, there are some things that are objective about what makes a youthful jawline. As we see it, the ideal jawline is a line of definition that begins with a proportionally projected chin that goes straight back to the back of the jaw below the ears.

Another key aspect is what doctors call a good cervicomental angle, or the angle created by the tissues under the chin compared to the angle of the neck. Think of a double chin as a non-ideal angle and a sharp, clean angle at the base of the throat being more aesthetically pleasing.

Factors that contribute to a youthful jawline include the position and relationship of tissues like fat deposits, skin quality, and the appearance of muscles in the lower face and neck. These come together along with the position and shape of underlying bone structure, to essentially frame your whole face; in a tangible way, the shape of the jawline sets the age of your face. So when tissues start to sag and issues like jowls and a double chin appear, what can you do?

Non-Surgical Jawline Procedures

Dermal Fillers

For concerns specifically about the contour of the jawline around the lower jawbone, dermal fillers can play a role for some patients with only mild to moderate concerns. Some formulas can help bring out a “soft” jawline by increasing chin projection, being injected just behind the chin on either side to create definition or to camouflage jowls, or to create definition behind the mandible for a broader look to the back of the jaw.


One non-invasive option for getting rid of a double chin includes Kybella, an injectable formula that essentially tells the body to destroy fat cells in the area it’s injected. Kybella is FDA approved for this use under the chin, but does not necessarily offer the same precise, consistent results that you could expect from surgery or less invasive neck liposuction, so our physicians take care to make sure you’re a well-qualified candidate before recommending this treatment.


Often thought of for wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, Botox or other neuromodulator formulas like Dysport and Jeuveau can help eliminate platysma bands or horizontal lines along the jawline. This off-label use is not often utilized when patients come with concerns about their neck appearance, but it is a possibility in some well-qualified people.

Thread Lifts

At FacesFirst, we recognize that there are providers out there promoting thread lifts using dissolvable threads to “lift” skin and sagging tissues from the inside out. Thread lifting offers the appeal of minimal invasiveness and treatment of mild skin laxity but a provider should be able to assess what it can and cannot do for each individual patient. When you want your jawline to be more defined without surgery, there may be better, more personalized ways to enhance the jawline that we would recommend instead.

Jawline Enhancement Surgery

Ultimately, the best option to treat the jawline regardless of the cause of your concerns is going to be a highly customized surgical procedure. At FacesFirst, our surgeons meticulously assess the condition of the bony structures, skin, fatty tissues, and muscles to create a fully personalized surgical plan that often involves multiple procedures for comprehensive, lasting results. These are the surgical procedures we’ll most likely recommend for jawline enhancement.

Chin Implantation

Although it may not be your first thought for chin and jawline enhancement, a permanent chin augmentation procedure can improve the projection of your chin in a proportional way to help your jawline look stronger and more well-defined.

In this office-based, outpatient procedure, we make a small incision under the chin through which a silicone implant is placed to look as natural as possible. Benefits include helping balance larger noses and strengthen the look of your jaw.

Neck Liposuction

Liposuction isn’t just for stubborn fat in large areas of your body, it’s also for getting rid of facial and neck fat deposits that contribute to sagging or fullness under the chin. With liposuction plus Renuvion, you get the added benefit of skin tightening through selective heating of the skin layers responsible for collagen production.

Facial liposuction can also be performed in our office with minimal downtime: just a few days to rest while swelling subsides and the tissues contract into their new, rejuvenated position.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is a highly popular procedure that uses shorter scars than a full facelift while providing just as good rejuvenation around the lower face. Often recommended for people with moderate to substantial jowls, a mini facelift tightens the tissues of the lower face and results in less downtime than the traditional facelift procedure. It does not address issues much higher up on the face, however, which is why it’s not ideal for everyone.

The FacesFirst Plasma Lift Procedure

Finally, a combination procedure we offer here at FacesFirst sees highly satisfying results with three procedures performed in a single session. Using facial or neck liposuction, helping tighten skin instantly and over the long term with Renuvion, and including a mini facelift often provides the most natural-looking results due to each procedure being highly customized to each individual.

Personalized Jawline Rejuvenation in Denver, CO

As with most things, a one-size-fits-all approach often fails to provide the best experience for people who are uniquely built and who have their own ideal in mind. This is why Dr. Cote and Dr. Picerno so often recommend an approach to cosmetic surgery that provides the most customization for the person seeking it, no matter what a patient may think is the best for them. If you’re not thrilled with the shape or quality of your jawline, a personalized approach at FacesFirst can be a great way to feel confident about your appearance once again. Call or contact us online to start a conversation about jawline contouring in Denver.