The Value of A Fellowship

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on September 29, 2020 under Expertise

The Value of A Fellowship

It’s no small feat to complete four years of undergrad, four additional years of medical school, and then 5 more years of residency to become an M.D., but to then be selected for a fellowship the following year is a truly remarkable thing. Fellowships offer doctors a rare chance to hone into a specific sub-region of their field, and only the best of the best get the chance to do so. Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno are two of those special few.

What is a Fellowship?

In training to become a medical doctor, some physicians choose a specific path to follow — a specialty — rather than general medicine. Specialists bring expertise on a narrow set of knowledge and skills to every patient they encounter.

A fellowship allows specialists to continue their training in an even more fine-tuned environment within their chosen field. Doctoral students apply and compete for these prestigious one-year programs to study a narrow topic of interest with experts in the discipline. It’s not a required part of their training, in fact, many specialists will never participate in a fellowship. Those who do are exposed to an environment that sharpens their skills even further within their specialty.

Why do Fellowships Matter?

You want to trust your facial plastic surgeon’s expertise. And while any board-certified surgeon can perform your surgery, those who have additional certifications, credentials, and experience bring an even greater peace of mind to this delicate field of study.

FacesFirst strives to provide the highest quality of care to all its patients, which is why we are proud of both Dr. Cote and Dr. Picerno, who have both completed fellowships in their respective specialties. And beyond their impressive resumés, they also are deeply passionate about improving the lives of their patients.

Giving You Peace of Mind

If you’re considering facial plastic surgery, you’ll find a deeply committed team at FacesFirst. Our doctors are at the cutting edge of their field, practicing the most advanced procedures with the greatest amount of care. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us any time.