Facelift Vs. Forehead Lift, Which Is Right For Me?

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on November 15, 2022 under Facelift

Facelift Vs. Forehead Lift, Which Is Right For Me?

If you’re noticing visible concerns within the middle of your face (increased wrinkles, sagging skin, jowls, etc.) as well as seeing your brow becoming heavier or your forehead wrinkles more etched-in, it might be getting time to consider a rejuvenating surgery to help turn back the clock.
The extent of your concerns might be better addressed by one or both of these procedures, though, and knowing which one will better solve specific problems can make the decision easier.

What Does a Facelift Do?

A facelift can mean different things to different surgeons. Typically, facial plastic surgeons divide the face into three major areas; the upper, lower, and mid face. Traditional facelift procedures almost always include the lower third, but some surgeons also with the mid-face (addressing specific issues from the cheekbone to jawline and even some benefits for the neck).
Common concerns that can be addressed with a facelift include:
• Moderate to severe sagging skin
• Jowls
• Excess, loose skin
• Deep folds or wrinkles

There are also more specific facelifting procedures that surgeons may or may not choose to offer, including the so-called “mini” facelift or “weekend” facelift, or other more specific marketing phrases to delineate the traditional procedure from their preferred techniques. These procedures might offer less downtime, be combined with non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, or include multiple surgeries.

What Does a Forehead Lift Do?

Also called a brow lift, forehead lift surgery affects the upper third of the face, comprised of the forehead muscles, eyebrow, and even the upper eyelids to some degree. Common concerns that a forehead lift helps with include:
• Darkening or “heavy” brow (due to aging)
• Forehead wrinkles
• Crow’s feet
• Frown lines between the eyebrows
As there are many kinds of facelift procedures, there are also individual options for forehead lift patients. This includes various techniques that adequately address your concerns without the need for lengthy incisions or long periods of downtime.

Which is Right For Me?

It’s impossible to say what any one person’s ideal procedure will look like without a consultation with our facial surgeons. The consultation is key because typically, people just want to “look better” with only a basic understanding of the options involved to make every person’s procedure totally customized for their face and goals. While a facelift is a common request, what’s right for you can vary depending on how you’re aging.

The Three Ds of Aging

As you contemplate requesting a facelift or forehead lift, it can help to know how your skin is aging based on what you see in the mirror. The three Ds of aging are:
• Dermal – includes complexion issues like pigmentation, vascular issues, or mild skin laxity.
• Descent – what most people associate with facelifts. These are concerns of sagging and the effects of gravity over time.
• Deflation – volume loss, most often affecting the cheeks and under the eyes.

Generally speaking, if you associate your concerns most with dermal and descent issues, a facelift can help. The forehead might be harder to see descent concerns, but a heavy brow is a good indication that a forehead lift can also help. In both cases, deflation is usually not satisfyingly addressed with these procedures. Our physicians have other options for short-term or long-term volume loss treatments.

As you may have guessed, there are absolutely cases in which the answer to “which one” is “both.” Everyone ages in a different way, however, so what has helped someone else in the past may not necessarily be perfect for your exact signs of aging.

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