Rhinoplasty for Men

By Dr. Christopher Cote and Dr. Nicolette Picerno on April 15, 2020 under Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for Men

Rhinoplasty, the term for the surgical reshaping of the nose, has been a very popular procedure for many years throughout the world, and that includes a large audience of men who have had the procedure done.   Rhinoplasty can be done many different ways and for many reasons. In men, there are a number of popular reasons it is done and the approach taken by the surgeon is also different for men than women.  Since a broken nose is a common injury, rhinoplasty for men often aims at straightening a crooked nose, enhancing nasal airway and sinus functions, with attention to restoration of structure.   Some men have outstanding features such as a bump, a wide nose, or a drooping nasal tip. In general, rhinoplasty surgery aims at bringing facial harmony regardless of gender.  Your surgeon should have a clear understanding of normal male proportions, communicate with you your preferences, and adjust their rhinoplasty techniques to suit the needs of male patients. At FacesFirst Cosmetic Surgery, we make sure our male patients feel confident in the results they are going to get through rhinoplasty.

Am I the right candidate for rhinoplasty for men?

You are a good candidate for the surgery if you are generally healthy, have realistic expectations, and are ready to undergo the recovery time. Men who wish to improve the look and function of their nose are generally good candidates.

Benefits of rhinoplasty for men

For cosmetic reasons, a nose job is instrumental in improving appearances, boosting your self-confidence once you achieve desirable results. Patients with breathing difficulties can also benefit from rhinoplasty as it can be used to improve the functions of the nose and nasal airway.  Many patients report significant improvement in the quality of sleep.

How is rhinoplasty for men performed?

Dr. Cote begins planning your rhinoplasty at the initial consultation. Photographs are taken and  computerized simulations are performed with you to understand your goals and expectations.  An operation is planned based upon this discussion and your physical examination. The operation takes approximately 2 to 3 hours typically and is performed under complete general anesthesia while you are comfortably asleep.   During the surgery, incisions are made to get access to the cartilage and bony skeleton that is then repaired in a sophisticated structural approach.  Once Dr. Cote achieves the specific goals of form and function, the procedure is completed, and a small nasal splint will cover the nose. The patient is awoken from anesthesia, and after a successful recovery is sent home to rest and heal.  Most people need to 7 to 10 days of rest. Expect some discomfort, numbness, and swelling after surgery. These side effects will subside while the nose heals.   There will be significant healing over the next few weeks and some subtle changes that occur up to a year.

Risks and limitations to rhinoplasty for men

Like any other invasive procedure, rhinoplasty for men risks. Nonetheless, this is a procedure that Dr. Cote has performed thousands of times and the vast majority of patients do very well.  Proper screening for both health risks and unrealistic expectations is important prior to surgery. Pain can occur but most patients are off pain medicine within a few days.  Nasal congestion and pressure are typical and bleeding is usually minor. Your surgeon should follow you closely during the healing process to explain the expected path of recovery and monitor the healing process to be sure your nose is healing well.  Rhinoplasty is a procedure that requires patients to be patient with the course of normal swelling before seeing their final results.

Results of Rhinoplasty for Men and How Long Do They Last

Rhinoplasty results are long-lasting.  Dr. Cote employs modern structural approaches that create more reliable results and fewer complications.  You will enjoy your improved appearance for the years to come.

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